Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Such a BIG personality in such a small person

I have always known that little babies were people, but I never realized how much of a BIG personality can be packed into a small person. I remember when my little brother was small and he had a big personality as well, but it did not come until he was closer to 4 years old. Maybe it is because I spend so much time with Charlotte, but I can see her personality in every thing that she does. Sometimes she does things her own way just because she wants to.

For example, Charlotte's Mom and Dad always keep feeding her from the nipple side of the bottle, and she needs to show them that that is the wrong way. So whenever she get the chance to feed herself the bottle she will turn it over and try and eat from the bottom and asks herself "When will my Mom and Dad ever learn"

So yesterday it was such a nice day in the late afternoon that we decided to go out into the yard on a blanket and we took a bunch of pictures of Charlotte (sorry to keep bragging but I think she is the cutest baby ever) so here are a couple of the pictures that we took. Enjoy

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little Miss. Independent

So, to start off with a couple of photos, mainly so that those who don't see Charlotte very often will see how much she is growing.

So, our lovely little Charlotte is starting to eat "real" food, at least as real as baby food can be considered. She really struggled in the beginning, trying to figure things out; however, like it will probably be throughout her life, she was just waiting for her parents to figure out how to do thing the "right" way. The problem, as she told us, was that we were trying to feed her, and she just does not want or need us to do this. She has a little independent streak in her that will not let us feed her. The fix that she taught us is that we dip her spoon in the food and then hand her the spoon and she will feed herself. Don't believe me (don't worry I wouldn't either), well we have proof, enjoy the delicious cuteness.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Photo & Video Montage

Life has caught up with us again, (Spring Break is over! So Sad!!) We wanted to share all our fun, so we made an Easter montage! Enjoy :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

6 months!

Charlotte had her 6 month appointment yesterday, and she is growing so well. She is almost 18 pounds and her head is in almost the 99th percentile!! Her grew an inch and a half taller, and the circumference of her head grew an inch and a quarter! Almost the same amount!! The Doctor commented, "Oh! She's growing brain cells!" when he saw the measurements. Her weight and length are just normal around the 75th percentile in both, but luckily she doesn't look out of proportion :) She also got her shots and she let out the most pitiful cry when they stuck her but didn't cry much after that. Such a good baby. But she did start running a fever. Her first fever!! She is okay when she has baby's Tylenol, but is just miserable with out it. She had a hard night, bless her heart.
We get to start feeding her solids now too! He mentioned something like, "If she could masticate a steak she could have one!" ha! That will not be happening for a while but Bryan is determined to not continue my red meat squeamish-ness with her, and I agree. He can cook it and he can feed it to her!!
We've has such a great Easter Weekend (new post pending with more photos included!), and are fully enjoying my Spring Break this week hanging out with my sister and Charlee's (said "Shar-Lee") cousins........actually.....I think we'll get back to more Spring Break fun!! Yay!! So enjoy just a couple pictures and look forward to the many more to come!!

Charlotte loves cardboard and paper products!

This is her best friend Scarlett, they seriously are inseparable already. She just loves her! Charlotte wants to be where ever she is, and do whatever she is doing.

Cute hu! Thanks Alexa for the cute pic's!

I will get you camera....if its the last thing I do!!

Scarlett loves Charlee too, and always gives her lots of kisses. I have to dry off her head once we get home from all the slobber kisses!! Isn't it the best!!!! Charlee is going to miss Scarlett something terrible!!!