Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Amazing Stuff My Wife Does

So on top of being pregnant (and pretty sick from that) my wife just keeps on doing more and more amazing things. This week was a very busy one for her because of school. First on Tuesday she spent almost 14 hours straight at work with the students because the school choir had a performance at Abravanel Hall which is home to the Utah Symphony and part of the Salt Lake County Center for the Arts.Then on Wednesday she spent another 13 hours at work doing school, having meetings and then taking care of her kids while they performed in Hope of America. Hope of America is a very large musical presentation put on by a couple of school districts and involves thousands of students. Danielle had her whole class there and I was able to watch from the audience in the Marriot Center. I sat on the upper most seat in the building so the pictures are a little far off but here are a couple of pictures/videos from the performance it was quite an amazing production.

This is a picture of the "Living Flag" that the students made.

This is the kids performing on of the songs, they not only sang, but had lots of hand movements that they had to learn and perform, they have been spending a lot of time and my very cool wife has been helping teach them.

Okay, this might not look like much, the picture is not the greatest, but let me tell you about this person dancing, well the only thing to tell is that yes she is doing the splits and the end and yes, this lady is 92 years young.

This is the last song that the students performed it is pretty cool, they did a great job, and so did my wife(I know the bragging might be getting a little old, but she makes it so easy by being such an amazing person, so I will just have to keep doing it) :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Married to Possibly the best Teacher Ever :)

Well, I have to say that I just might be married to the best teacher ever. This past week Danielle was awarded the "Golden Apple Award"

She got this award from the District PTA. Danielle, Joe and Alice(Dani's Parent) and I(Bryan) all got to go to the award ceremony and luncheon. It was a pretty big deal. They had a nice lunch and then they called up the winners and the shook hands with all of the School District big wigs and she got a nice award. Since I don't think that Dani would go around telling people (and this might reach a couple of people that Alice did not tell) I just wanted to let everyone know (and just brag a little bit about how amazing my wife is.