Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello My Friends and Peeps

I noticed and have heard people talking that my parents have been slacking off and not posting for a long time. So to rectify the situation I, Charlotte Raynes Kennedy, have decided that I will blog so that my friends, family and all my other peeps can see what I am doing and how much I am growing.

So one of the things that I really like as I am growing and exploring my world is eating. My parents have been giving me new foods. I really enjoy pickles, curry and noodles. I also really like eating paper and cardboard, I am really good at soaking them with slobber and tearing them into little pieces that my parents spend all of their time trying to keep away from me.

One of the other foods that I like and eat the most often comes out of a bottle. This is good, but it is a little boring so I need to find ways to make eating more fun, so I decided that I would start using my feet to feed me. Sometimes I use my hands and feet and sometimes I feed myself holding the bottle with only my feet. It is so much more fun to do it this way. Since my parents have been remiss in posting pictures I will also post a few of me eating and saying hello to you all. Enjoy!!

Hello My Peeps!! Long time no see!!!

The boring way to eat, some people use just their hands to eat, that is just so BORING!!!!

Look you can use all of your limbs to eat, it makes it so much more fun. :)

Sometimes it does take a lot of concentration, but it is well worth the extra work. You should try it. It is fun and relaxing as well, almost like yoga while you eat.

You just got to get your legs up and then curl the feet around the bottle, I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.