Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We need to VOTE!!!

Well family and friends, (cause you are the only ones that read this!! I am not a celebrity yet but my celebrity status is still in the works. I am working very hard to get my look-alike career with Yasser Arafat to take off!!) It is getting close to the that time again when it is our civic duty to VOTE!!! I know I sound very preachy but this time there is something very important happening at the poles that will effect everyone and how our children are educated in the future! It is the vouchers. I seriously urge you to educate yourselves on this. And PLEASE VOTE!! The commercials just aren't enough. None of the commercials either for the vouchers or against are doing a good job. They aren't telling us what the read deal is. If you don't know, vouchers are basically the right for private schools to get public money. They say you can get a voucher from the state for 500-3000 dollars (depending on your financial status) to take to any private school institution you want. It doesn't sound too bad when you hear it like that, but it is. They are promoting it saying that Utah spends 7000 dollars on each student each year, and we are going to lower class size by having the student go to a different school and we are only going to take 3000 of that money and the schools can keep the rest. It doesn't work that way. Class sizes won't change. Teachers will just lose their jobs. If there aren't enough students they'll just cut a teacher and keep the same amount in class size. Plus the schools won't see any of that money. If the student isn't in the school then the school gets nothing. The leftover money gets to go into someone else pocket instead of where it need to be. There are a lot more loop holes than just these for example the funding behind all the pro-vouchers if from out of state business like Walmart and such. They have no idea about our state and should have nothing to do with this. There are so many more, so PLEASE! Educate yourself and PLEASE OH PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE COME NOVEMBER!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The bestest worstest celebrity lookalikes!



I'm old and in Pain!

So I am a slacker blogger. What else is new? But you must forgive me because I am in PAIN! My back started giving me some trouble a couple weeks ago. I lived with it and tried some things to alleviate it to no avail! Then Monday it got a lot worse and I was agony for the next three days until I finally bit the bullet and went to a doctor. He told me that both my SI joints are locked up. Yeah, I didn't know what that meant either, but let me educate you! IT IS A KILLER PAIN THAT MAKES LIFE VERY DIFFICULT!! :)

There are a couple of joints called the Sacroiliac (SI) that attaches the pelvis to your spine on
either side. Well my joint doesn't move. So I am now going to the physical therapist regularly and it is getting better, it still hurts but it's SO MUCH BETTER!! My blessed husband has been a saint and has taken fabulous care of me. Everyone should have one! I know I sure like mine! So recovery is on the horizon but recovery from blogging laziness....well...we'll just have to see!