Monday, September 24, 2007

Well, well, well. We have joined the forces of the bloggers. (Could it be that we are strong with the blogger force because redheads have a higher metaclorian count?) Except David who sometimes struggles, he must have misplaced some of his metaclorians!! Anyways, we thought this would be a great way to show everyone wedding pictures without having to get out an album and sit while they look at them and ohhh and ahhhh. We thought this was much more efficient and concise! Since that is what people told Bryan that I am, efficient and concise. (I don't know if that is always the case though. Just ask my students, sometimes I really know how to ramble on!) Okay, Okay, efficient and concise does not a good blog make, so I will try and curb these and be as cumbersome and rambelsome as possible. (yes, kennedy side of the family I did just make up that word, see, I am a kennedy too! ;{>
Long story short, here are the wedding photos! Just a real quick thank you to our fabulous photographers, Uncle Roy and Brett Sykes. You both did a great job, we are very grateful.

We would also like to give a great big THANK YOU for all the hard work that family and friends put into the wedding and also the preparations for the wedding. We could not have done it with out you and we're so happy to have been able to share this event in our lives with all of you. It was everything we hoped for. We love you all!!! -Bryan and Dani

Sisters, and their kids, what could be cuter!

We seriously had some fabulous family and friends pitch in to help with everything, Thank you!

Ah, yes, Brystal the photographer in training.

We're cutting it! The coolest cake in the world is getting cut!

Just a quick reminder of the skills of those that set up for the reception. They made it look amazing. Seriously amazing! We already have wedding groupies that tell us all the time they copied our wedding!

Bryan and his family at the wedding reception, beware the attacking apple tree! The tree's were out to get us that night! But doesn't the picture look amazing set on the back drop of my dad's gorgeous backyard. It was quite the setting.

The happy couple, we were really happy to have it finally going!!

Oh look! Twins all around! Lora and Kristen, Bryan and Derek! Sam, no worries dude. We'll find you a twin somewhere. :)

They are both almost rid of us, can you see the happiness in their faces!

I LOVE THIS CAKE!! Best part, it was the cheapest cake EVER!!! Kudos to Stephanie Price for doing the cake stand. It came out FABuLous!

Nice, normal, what is there to poke fun at? Oh we'll think of something. Could it have been the thinly veiled fear that was creeping over us as a pink clad (gag) wedding party of gigantic proportions was inching CLOSER and CLOSER! They were almost in the picture with us!

Brett, I know you are an artist, and you were getting one of those artistic vibes a-going, but its my wedding, and this is about as artistic as it gets with me! :)

My dress was so sweet. Can you see the individual beads (white polka dots get it get it!) that my incredible mom sewed on by hand! Thats right BY HAND!!

Please notice, the flowers are STUNNING!!

I got a good looking man! Yes sir!

Yup, its our wedding day. We can do this now.

At first glance you think, ah yes. Danielle finally has a bridal shot! But THINK AGAIN!! I am flashing all my best Bronx gang signs! My brothers from the hood woulda come running if they'da seen it!

Brett is a master mind of all things photo! ( and sweat suits) The smart man let me sit down before anyone got hurt!! :)

My feet hurt, my face hurts, I am just going to lean here and try to look "weddinglicious"

Ah, I love this man, oh wait, it looks like he has something between his teeth! Ah, I love this man!
Ah! Cute!

Boo-tay-licious! For snizzle my nizzle!

Okay, Okay, one normal shot for posterity sake.

We were trying to sneak off but they saw us! :(

What can I say, we both were/are exstatic!

Man! Did I want those earrings out like no one's business. THEY HURT! But boy did they look fabulous!! :) What a girls does to look good on her wedding day.

Is that really a Halo around my head? I can't believe that! (But I (Bryan) believe it!)
It must have been that someone upstairs has bad aim and was sending it Bryan's way and I suddenly moved and got in the way!

Look! Another one with Bryan as a midget!! :)
Ask for further details if you dare, or forward all odd looks to Melanee Raynes, she was the one doing the 1st midget picture taking!

Ya gotta love 'em! I couldn't have done it without them!!

We both really lucked out on the whole "in-laws" thing. They are the bestest of all the restest! (oh please, oh please, don't tell my students I just said that! My grammar AH!!!)

Doesn't Kurt just have the most killer vest ever! It made my heart happy to have him wear it! Man! I've got a cool family!

These are my NYNYN Homies!

This is how I feel about my Maids of Honor! :)

Na, they really were wonderful maids of honor! They made it just wonderful!

The bridesmaides, cutting loose! Well, most of the bridesmaides, we are missing Daniela, Janelle, Denise, and Alison. They were probably all tending to their offspring! Can you believe it! Taking care of their children over bridesmaidal duties!!

The new Kennedy Klan!

The blogging force is strong with this family

Here are more pictures! They just keep coming!!!

The Kennedy youngin's plus one redheaded add-on

These are all of Bryan's new nieces and nephews. An instant uncle to 12 and one more on the way! (Jacob was in Idaho, so there are only 11 in the picture, but there are 12!)

These are all of Danielle's fabulous redheaded siblings, count em' thats right. 10!

The Raynes Clan making an appearance, but it looks like Nick and Josh aren't too happy about it!


Here we all are, sporting the good looks and polka dots.

Here we are with the Kennedy side.....

Here we are with the Raynes side....

This is everyone again! The whole clan!!

My shoes were the BOMB!!!

Daniela was so on top of the whole polka dot theme that she wore large black polka dots over her eyes to carry out the entire ensemble

Here they are again!

Ah, this one is just cute
I don't know what they were doing to pass the time while we were in the temple. I didn't think we took that long, but I guess I was wrong!

Brothers, blood and marriage. Nothing better than a brother!

Duck, the stud!

Camryn looking all calm and serene! We took a picture so it would last longer! :) just kidding Ali! :)

Da sister friends Stefanie and Daniela. Hot Momma's LITERALLY!! :)