Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Happiness

Hey everyone, Happy Easter to everyone!! We had a really good Easter. Charlotte was feeling a little bit under the weather (she had a virus that has been going around) but there were parts of Easter that just made her come out of her grumpy bad feelings. She had so much fun. It took her a little while to figure out the whole idea behind hunting eggs, but once she got it she had so much fun. On Saturday we had the family Easter Egg hunt and she started getting the idea. Then on Sunday morning we had Easter morning with Charlee, Dani, Aunt Kristen, David and Sydney and Bryan. We hid some eggs around the living room and Charlotte loved finding them. We kept re-hiding the ones that she found and she kept looking for what seemed like half an hour. She was just having so much fun. So here are some pictures and videos so you can see what was going on. Love to all and hope you had a fun Easter as well. Our next big thing is Bryan's graduation from UVU on the 29th of April.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break

I admit it...I STINK at documentation. I've always stunk at journals, taking pictures, etc., and don't even get me started on my lack of scrapbooking know how!! I am just not creative that way. I'm much better at being creative with my 5th graders to get them to laugh through my Math lessons! But all of that aside, I'm trying to be better. Because the one thing I miss the most are the memories. I just don't remember! Just ask Bryan! Worst memory ever, but it does make me get over things really easy, because I can't even remember to be mad. :)
Well, Spring Break was last week and BOY was it fun! We thought we'd share what we remembered to take pictures of!

This was the best part of Spring Break, Fruzzins!! We love that Stef is back and so close. It is making my life a joy especially because my daughter is happy all the time she is around her cousins. They had some really fun days together, as you can see. They love that swing, and snuggles (is that an inherited trait or a learned trait?!)
Just working on the basketball skills set, prepping for the day she can take on her ol' mom!
Scarlet is so sporty! and daring!! She loved this, and just playing around with the ball.
Tough girl hu!!! She is so much fun :)
Charlee loves this little rider/scooter thingy. She pushes it, rides it, sit backwards on it....anyways she can possibly play with it without actually eating it (although she has tried that as well!)
See what I mean!
She also just loves to be outside in the backyard. She'd be there all the time if we let her. She loves to climb up on this kid wheeler (which doesn't run) I think she feels like a big girl.
This is her normal reaction to being pushed around on the wheeler, ABSOLUTE JOY!!
Seriously...could ya just die. She is so stinkin' cute!!
She is also becoming more adventurous and is starting to really like the slide!

Now, I just loaded on some different movies we took of various backyard activities. One is long, and really only meant for Grandma's, so watch at your own discretion. It is of her getting a ride from her dad on the tarp around the back yard. She loves it so much that every time she see's the tarp she'll come running. Enjoy the shows! I know I will in a few months when I can't remember what is in them! :)