Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Temple Square Trip

Well everyone, this is the first time that I have actually blogged (by the way this is Bryan writing), everything else has been blogged by my beautiful and amazing wife. I figured I should do one every now and then, so I figured that I would take an easy one. Last night (Tuesday) Danielle and I went to Salt Lake City and went to the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration at the Joseph Smith Memorial building. It is an amazing movie, it shows lots of stories from his life in a very powerful way, it is a very good movie. When we arrived there were lots of youth there (I guess that it is a popular mutual activity) and some of the boys were very rowdy and ready to move on to the next thing thinking that the it was too long, and after the movie as we were leaving they did not say anything until they left the theater. Then we had a very nice dinner at the Lion House Pantry. Then we walked around Temple Square and got to look at all of the lights and displays. It was a pretty amazing night, something that we are looking forward to continuing doing it, we were also able to get some pretty good pictures.

Picture of the Temple through some trees.

Well this is one of the nativity type scene that we saw, and together at the same time we both started singing the "Do your ears hang low?" song, it was quite a good laugh. I hope it does not give the donkey a complex.

Well this picture does not do this area of Temple Square justice, this area has so many yellow, red and orange lights it almost seems like it is on fire, quite amazing.