Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Parents are Slackers Again!!!!!!!!!

Hello All! I need to apologize for my parents. They have been slackers again. They are never blogging. I keep growing up, and learning new things and they are not letting the world know. So because they are not letting you know, I will do it myself. So here are a bunch of pictures and some narrative to let you know what is going on.

So a while ago I got a measles vaccine and I had a reaction to it, it happens a lot to me when I get a vaccine. It did not hurt and it did not itch, but it looked really bad.

Front side a back side, it got pretty bad looking.

So this is one of the last pictures that was taken of me in my first house, this was the first house that I ever lived in, but we have moved and one thing that I will miss are the stairs. I learned how to climb the stairs here and I would go up and down. Sometimes I would climb to the top and throw things down at my dad below. It was quite funny.

So this is not showing up very much in the picture, but man I got myself a shiner. It was bad enough that everyone asked what was going on, I wish it had a really good story to go with it, but it does not, I just walked into a door after bumping into my dad.

So I love music, just hearing it makes my body move. It starts in my hips and bum, and then goes to my whole body. This little table makes some of the great music, so I will play it, and dance to it. Then I got this great puzzle and it has knobs on it and I love to hold it in my mouth. (Thanks Aunt Trista and cousins)

I love books too, my mom bought some little boxes to help organize the books and stuff, and the best part the boxes is climbing in and having fun with the books. I climb in and have tons of fun.

I love going to school with Mom, she is the best teacher ever. Sometime I go and just hang out in my stroller. I have gotten to the point where I will also run around the school and cause chaos. He he he he.

So this is my new home. We have been here a couple of weeks and we are still getting adjusted but things are going well. We have lots of unpacking and projects, but it is a lovely place, very charming and has the cutest little baby living in it (if I do say so myself).

Well everyone, hope you enjoyed the update, I will stay on my parents to keep you updated better, they can be such slackers sometimes. (They are also super busy. My Mom is working two jobs, working on her Masters degree, and being an amazing Mom. My Dad is finishing up with school, taking care of me and everything else, and he will be graduating at the end of April!!) But we just wanted to let everyone know that we love them and have been thinking about them. Until next time!
Charlotte Raynes Kennedy