Friday, January 29, 2010

We finally got a picture of the Laugh

Okay, so after lots and lots of trying and a bit of time, we were finally able to get a good laugh of Charlotte on camera. I (Bryan) have not been able to get her to laugh since the first time until now, Danielle was able to do it a couple of times, even an Uncle making funny faces did it. Danielle was able to hid behind the couch so that Charlotte could not see her, and then I was able to find a word that made her laugh, and as you will (hopefully) be able to see it is "Mommy."

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Little Relaxed Mover

So, it has been a little while since we blogged(thanks for the little kick in the rear Derek to help us get more up). For Christmas, Charlotte got a Wiggle Worm Gym, and at the time it seemed like a toy that did not really match up with her. She did not wiggle around much, she would just lie around and fidget. Well, she has learned a few new tricks. At her Dr's appointment (where everything went well by the way) the Doctor asked if she was rolling over or starting to roll over, and we said not really. The Doctor's response was that often calm babies took a little longer to get moving around. Just as he was saying this, she stuck both of her feet high up in the air and rolled over to her side, I think it was just because she wanted to show that she could. Well anyway, she tried to do the same thing in her Wiggle Worm Gym, but the problem was that she got her feet caught up in the toy, got her self twisted around and then stuck, and did not know what to do. She kicked her feet and that made it jiggle, but she was still stuck, so then she just started crying, it was the cutest thing.

Charlotte, realizing that she got herself stuck.

Charlotte realizing that she can't get herself unstuck.

As I was saying, the Doctor said, and we have noticed that Charlotte is a very calm and relaxed baby, and she really is an amazing little girl. I wondered what a really relaxed baby looked like and then I got this next picture of Charlotte that I thinks sums it up, she is so relaxed that even her favorite sleeping position is showing her extra relaxed nature.

How much more relaxed can you get?

And just to end off I just needed to throw in a picture of my two favorite Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!