Sunday, March 22, 2009

To know or not to know, that is the question!

We finally made the decision. We are NOT going to find out the sex of the baby before the baby comes. It will make the delivery day that much more special, and maybe help me keep my mind off the pain! :) But we have heard some interesting theories!
Theory 1:
Look at the father of the child and how many siblings he has. Which ever one there are more of is what the first baby will be. So Bryan has 5 kids in his family. 3 boys and 2 girls. So that is making it seem like its gonna be a boy!
Theory 2:
An old wives tales says the baby's heartbeat while in utero can tell you the sex of the baby. If the heart beat is less than 140 than it is a boy, and if it is above 140 than it is a girl. Well, our baby's heart was 168 at our last check-up and that is making it seem like its gonna be a girl!
So those are the theories we've seen so you know any more you want to share and in October we'll see which ones come true and which don't!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Redhead or Brunette?

Big news! We are going to be parents! I am due the beginning of October, and and we are so excited about it!! We were playing around with a website, and put in pictures of us and they made a composite to see what our baby could look like. Cute huh! I definitely think that Redhead is the way to go! :) But I'll love any color, even green!

We don't know if we want to know what sex it is before it comes so whenever it is that we find out is when you'll find out! Wish us luck! :)